Our Story

Started by Cousins

Thriving Sixth Graders and Cousins, Matthew and Rider Levitt have been sport cards fans for years now. While collecting sport cards and attending card conventions, they noticed a need in the industry: a sport card case with the collector in mind. The two cousins put their heads together and designed a case that was durable, user friendly and excelled where other sport card cases failed. Their plan came together and CUZ CASES was born! They look forward to selling their cases and growing their business to help other Sport Card collectors protect their investments.

A Charitable Cause

Eight years ago, Matthew and Rider’s paternal grandmother passed away from a rare form of cancer. Turning their grief in to a productive endeavor, a portion of every CUZ CASES sale will go to cancer research. The boys hope this helps families who are dealing with this terrible disease while honoring the memory of their beloved grandmother.